Letter: Hillary will continue destruction Obama began

Hillary will continue destruction Obama began

To the editor:

The comedy of errors in this country is how politicians have learned to use our constitutional rights against us to further their own agendas, and they have been doing it for a long time. How do they do that? By using the words in the Constitution. What was meant back then is not quite the same as now.

I never realized this until I watched several congressional meetings this week regarding the Hillary Clinton emails. It doesn't matter if she lies 24 hours a day, seven days a week! What matters is the pure evil she actually accomplishes and gets away with. Evil that kills men, evil that puts our country in danger, evil countries that donate to her personal business for favors, evil that Wall Street hands her favors for, and the worse evil of all, giving her the position of president where she and her husband will have total control over all of us.

FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch both worked for President Bill Clinton. Hillary may have told Loretta that, if she becomes president, Loretta will be able to keep her job. This isn't breaking the laws of the Constitution, these are the "new" laws that have been made by politicians and I guess the Constitution can't stop them because there are no words in the Constitution to counter-act this kind of behavior. I guess the Constitution was written for honest, hard-working good people who had left a country that controlled the downtrodden, lied to them, overtaxed them, and kept most of the money for the 1 percent. It was called England. Now it's called the United States of America.

I watched the House Judiciary Committee seek direct answers from Loretta Lynch to their questions about Hillary's lies regarding her email. After Lynch raised her right hand and swore to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, she smiled and absolutely refused to give a direct answer and she got away with it!

Democrats on the committee used their five minutes talking about other problem going on in the country and refused to even mention Clinton's name. I thought the meeting was to hear about the subject at hand only! No wonder nothing ever gets done in this country. No wonder Congress doesn't get anything passed. We're paying these maniacs to sit there and accomplish "nothing"!

It took Obama more than seven years to totally destroy this country and bring it to its knees, including the division between blacks and whites. If something didn't get passed in Congress, he just took out his famous pen and created a new law. When Hillary takes over for eight more years, it will probably be a toss-up as to who will rule all of us — the Muslims, the new Black Panthers, or a form of Democratic Gestapo. Either way, it will never be the United States of America.

Beverly Gianokakis, Lenox


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