Letter: Hinds has necessary skills, experience

Hinds has necessary skills, experience

To the editor:

Ben Downing has been a great state Senator. Among other things, he knew what to focus on and what it took to get things done.

For a Democrat, it is important to be a strong advocate for progressive issues like workers' rights, job development, a higher minimum wage, progressive taxation, better public school funding, environmental protection, pro-choice, expanded broadband, small business relief, and so much more.

Only one candidate has the experience and organizing skills necessary to get things done for the Berkshires: Adam Hinds.

A graduate of Wesleyan University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Adam studied the critical work skills he would need to get things done. He then practiced those skills in the toughest region of the world to do so: in the Middle East with the UN. Then he returned to the Berkshires to start the Pittsfield Community Connection, a program designed to engage at-risk youth before their exposure to and engagement in violence and crime and worked with Pittsfield City officials to win a grant that "will bring up to $5 million to Pittsfield to move young men engaged in illegal activities towards education, jobs, and counseling."

When Adam moved on to take the position of executive director of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, he immediately started building a coalition of business leaders, community advocates, job development agencies and our local colleges. The goal: to bring men and women who are struggling to get a job into the workforce. "Employ North Berkshire" will be a template for use throughout the county.

I have worked with Adam. Only Adam can be another Ben Downing. Only Adam has the skills, abilities and experience to bring meaningful change and progress to our Berkshires.

Showing a lack of experience, one of his opponents recently accused Adam of taking money from big corporate lobbyists. As it turns out, she was terribly misleading.

One donor of $250 was a college classmate who donated as a friend (not a lobbyist) and because he works for Exxon Mobil, Adam had returned the contribution before his opponent's complaint. Another contribution came from someone who attended a community meet and greet and works for Berkshire Gas — the amount: $50. To suggest that Adam is therefore in the pockets of the energy industry is absurd and desperate.

Vote for Adam Hinds: a community builder, a change agent, a workhorse for us all.

Sherwood Guernsey, Williamstown, The writer is a former state legislator.


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