Letter: Hinds has proven ability to bring people together

Hinds has proven ability to bring people together

To the editor:

I met Adam Hinds about a year ago, when he was recruiting volunteer mentors for Pittsfield Community Connection. I signed on with PCC, largely because of Adam's no-nonsense approach, and clear analysis of the problem of youth violence.

He also presented a workable solution based on the latest science: People are more at risk for violent behavior and addiction when they do not feel connected to someone else. Adam, in cooperation with many others, developed a way to create those connections in Pittsfield. The program has proven to be effective from the outset. It continues to grow, and improves the quality of life for all of us who make Pittsfield our home.

I find it remarkable that in addition to developing individual connections, Adam has successfully found common ground between all the groups and demographics in Pittsfield. PCC is respected on the West Side and in Morningside, in City Hall, in the southeast, across ALL of the city. I have lived in the Berkshires all my life, in Pittsfield for half of it, and the level of support and collaboration we are seeing is unprecedented.

A native of Franklin County, Adam worked for the UN in Iraq and Syria. He has returned to Western Mass. with a world-class set of skills, to continue bringing people together for community change. Many people aspire to do this. Adam gets it done.

We are fortunate to have him as a candidate for state Senate.

Brian Bissell, Pittsfield


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