Letter: Hinds' platform on education is impressive


To the editor:

I hold education very close to my heart. It's what we all have in common, and has the greatest potential to make the greatest impact on who our children grow up to become.

Adam Hinds' platform on education impresses me, and this is why I support him. He doesn't simply speak in generic phrases and buzzwords we've all heard; he tries to help all people understand, and that's what we need. He knows that part of the state isn't treated equally on Beacon Hill and the antiquated funding formulas don't look upon our school districts fairly, which is why he wants to update the formulas to fit our communities better in western Massachusetts.

Adam believes that the next state Senator should work to coordinate among districts to save money on some types of costly services and by doing so, our dollars spent on education can become even more effective. He believes every young child is entitled to pre-kindergarten, which research shows is particularly important to adolescent development.

What has impressed me the most is that Adam always stresses the need for our education programs to lead to well-paying jobs. Every student should have the chance to attend college if they wish, but not every student wants to take that path. That's okay. What every student deserves is an opportunity for gainful employment.

Our next state Senator will have to work with the Legislatures to find the funds we need to support our school districts, teachers and para-professionals. Adam has the experience and ideas necessary to follow through and make it happen!

I hope everyone will vote for Adams Hinds in the primary on Sept. 8.

Mary Shook



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