Letter: Hinds will confront challenges, embrace opportunities

Hinds will face challenges, embrace opportunities

To the editor:

Rarely in this region do we find ourselves at such an important change in our regional leaders as we look to elect our next state senator. Locally, we are faced with challenges impacting many places: decreasing population, needed infrastructure improvements, challenges with opioid addiction and abuse, and gaps in our economy that magnify socioeconomic difficulties and unemployment rates.

To tackle these issues, we need someone with a strong voice and significant, intimate knowledge. We need someone who can frame solutions and activate them through regional and state collaborations. On top of that, we need someone who will actually hear the public to better understand how they perceive and are impacted by these challenges from the individual, household, and community levels. We need someone who values the stakeholders, and will represent them with strength and diligence. That someone is Adam Hinds.

On the other end of the spectrum, we are an area on the verge. We're a place that the world is starting to see for what many of us have always known; there is greatness here. This comes in the form of regional cultural development, grass-roots initiatives, economic investment, a heritage of hard work, and a place of community pride. It comes from all types, from the concerned lifelong citizen working to preserve our history, to the newcomer looking to create the next "big thing," to the cities and towns working to do their best for the greater good.

This palpable energy is something that our next leadership can't just observe from a distance, but is something they need to embrace and enhance by rallying support to amplify the impact. We need someone who will take this great opportunity and potential and help push it past the verge and into reality. That someone is Adam Hinds.

As a North Adams city councilor, I firmly believe we need Adam Hinds for both the good days and the bad, the challenges and the opportunities. He is someone with the skills, experiences, passion, and drive to be our next step toward a bright future as a region, and he is the person I believe should be our next state senator.

Benjamin Lamb, North Adams


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