Letter: Hinds will help forge a brighter future

Hinds will help forge a brighter future

To the editor:

I have lived in the Berkshires for 20 years. I was born and raised here, and while I attend Brandeis University during the school months, my Berkshire pride never falters.

This Sept. 8, I am driving from school to cast a vote for Adam Hinds for state Senate because I know who he is and I believe that he is uniquely qualified to represent our entire community in Boston, alongside the rest of our tireless Berkshire delegation.

As a young person with a love for the place where I grew up, I think often on the question of what our region needs to cement a bright future. The Berkshires have incredible beauty, and even better people. But for what we have in character, we lack in many critical services. That is why this election is so important.

Since meeting Adam at a community gathering three years ago, I have gotten to know him not only as a selfless individual with a passion for our community, but as a friend. When I heard that he was running for state Senate, I knew I wanted to help his campaign. Since then, I have worked many hours to support his candidacy, and have learned some things.

When confronted with an issue, Adam does not simply say what sounds best; he does his homework. Adam consults experts locally, conducts research, and considers the unique features of our district. A good example of this is that he will not simply declare: "We need broadband" and leave it at that. He describes, in detail, the ways by which high-speed internet can be most effectively brought to each town, and what he can do as senator to make that happen more easily. Adam does not sweat the small stuff; he embraces it. That is a quality we both need and deserve from our elected officials.

No matter who it is for, I ask you to vote on Sept. 8. But if I am to make a recommendation, I ask for you to vote for the detail-oriented, kind, and extraordinarily-qualified community member who will set out a bright path for our future: Adam Hinds.

Jacob Edelman, Monterey


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