Letter: Hinsdale residents won't be silenced


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A good leader is one who chooses to use restraint, instead of exerting maximum force, simply because they have the power to do so. A good leader is willing to listen to any and all people and should be anxious to help them in any way possible.

The citizens of the town of Hinsdale have, once again, been silenced by the removal of the public comment section of the Select Board meetings. We cannot understand why anyone who has such disdain for their fellow citizens wanted to run for an elected office, in which their job would be to work with, and for, the very people they clearly do not want anything to do with. This simply defies logic.

Perhaps the board members should consider the fact that they are receiving negative feedback from the people because they have created a negative undertone within the town by their own actions. Forcing through an agenda that is clearly unpopular with your constituents is not going to make your time in office an easy one. The choice to ignore your constituents is only going to make matters worse.

Like it or not, our elected officials need to remember that they are in office to work for the people. It is high time the Hinsdale Select Board opened its eyes to this fact. We, the people are not going to go away and we are not going to be silenced. Try as they may, their dictatorial attitudes have done nothing but create more animosity and anger in the very people that they are supposed to be working to help.

The newer two-thirds of the Hinsdale Select Board have learned nothing in the past year they have been in office. We are thankful that the good people of the town of Hinsdale had the strength and the wisdom to enact the recall law. In due time, a majority vote will remedy the current problem with our town. But in the meantime, how many more will have to suffer, for simply trying to do the right thing?





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