Letter: Hit GMO companies where it hurts


In shopping for groceries a few days ago, I noticed that more manufacturers are showing non-GMO labels on the packaging of their products. As the Eagle editorial of March 18 states, we have the right to know what is in our food, it's not up to the National Restaurant Association, or the Grocery Manufacturers, or the Massachusetts Retailers Association or chemical companies to decide what we should eat, we should have a choice in what we want to feed to our families.

Our state Legislature should be passing a bill requiring food sold in Massachusetts to be labeled for GMO content, However, in the absence of legislative action, we the consumer are the ultimate decision makers. If we don't buy products that are not labeled to our satisfaction, the various manufacturers would get the message soon enough. Remember, it's the bottom line that counts and the bottom line is -- are we willing to buy food products made by nature or made in laboratories? I vote in favor of Mother Nature, a Genetically Modified Organism is not a product of nature.

Contact your local state representative and ask that he or she vote yes on the bill sponsored by Rep. William "Smitty" Pignatelli, which would require that in addition to GMO labeling, foods that contain GMOs would not be allowed to carry a "all natural" label.




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