Letter: Holocaust was a tragedy for many


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In response to Ed Dartford’s July 13 letter about the Holocaust, I agree that it seems as if the Jews were the only race to receive recognition as victims, but that is because far more Jews died than the others targeted, such as gays, the disabled and sickly and Polish citizens. Whoever did not fit Hitler’s conception of the Aryan race could be on his hit list.

Thank you to The Eagle for its story on the procurement of Kurt Franz’s uniform coat by Darryl English for his North Adams Holocaust museum. Franz was one of the commandants of the Treblinka Concentration Camp. Darryl has saved an important piece of history by obtaining his clothing.

During the war, my dad was in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp where he labored in the salt mines. I am amazed my dad survived. It may be a case of being saved by fate.

It was a tragedy for all the people who perished, not just the Jews. As Mr. Dartford said, genocide is still going on today in different countries. Africa and Saudi Arabia are vehement about treating women as second class citizens, depriving them of the ability to drive or work.

Thank you to The Eagle for printing these stories.




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