Letter: Holocaust will not be forgotten


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As we grow older, our perspective on life changes from that of our youth. For me, some things that seemed important no longer have any meaning. But to me the way we treat one another will always be uppermost on my list. Two recent letters to The Eagle weigh heavily on my mind.

Al Zubasky and David Burbank responded to a letter written by someone who seemed to think that the Holocaust had been "embellished" by the Holocaust "industry."

As a Catholic of Irish-French descent I have no personal connection with the Holocaust nor know anyone personally who lost family at that horrible time, although there are probably many among us whose ancestors perished in that situation. I am appalled and saddened at how callously fellow human beings were treated during that dreadful time. There are those who deny that it happened at all. This type of one human’s disdain for another is incomprehensible but it seems to come naturally to so many people.

We must keep being reminded that these things did happen and are still happening in parts of the world. On a trip to Washington, D.C., my husband and I visited the Holocaust Museum. One hall in the museum was lined on either side with portraits of the people who had evidently been taken from their homes when they were rounded up for extinction. These portraits were of people like you and me -- some were family portraits, some of children, some of husband and wives, aunts and uncles and grandparents. They deserved to live their lives in freedom, not in some concentration camp where they knew there was no hope for freedom and the fate that awaited them was a horrible one.

I found Mr. Zubasky’s response to the writer so well-written and profound. He said "Your remarks are sinister and deceitful. You are covering up the true meaning of your words. We know them. We have heard them all too often." I would like Mr. Zubasky and Mr. Burbank to know that there are many like myself that do care and will always respect the lives of others. You are not alone.




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