Letter: Honor heroes, heroines on this Memorial Day

Honor heroes, heroines on this Memorial Day

To the editor:

Every year around Memorial Day, I reflect on my great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and others in my family who served this nation so well over the decades and who suffered and sacrificed so much for our freedom.

And as I look down that long line of heroes and heroines, good, honorable, decent and honest folks every one, I especially remember my uncle, Pvt. Lloyd Johansen of the 82nd Airborne, 517th PIR, whom I never knew, because he willingly gave his 20-year-old life in the Battle Of The Bulge during World War II so that I could be free! That's the ultimate up close and personal gift, and I am humbled by it beyond words.

I know that most, if not all, of you have your own "long line" of heroes and heroines in your family, too, and are equally proud and humbled by their contributions to us. I thank God for each and every one of them. May we never forget them and their fellow countrymen and what they did for us.

Let us honor their memory on this Memorial Day in a manner befitting the heroes they are, lest we forget that "Freedom Isn't Free."

William A. Lee, Hinsdale


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