Letter: If there are no guns, there is no gun violence

If there are no guns, there is no gun violence

To the editor:

A very good July 13 editorial, "About that 'good guy with a gun scenario," sparked my thoughts about guns.

We can't get away from hearing about them because they are continually in the news. People are dying day and night.

Let's stop and think what it would be like if guns were taken off the street. Some will say that there are too many of them and the bad guys would get guns and shoot many more people. Yet if there were no guns available to the public, think how much safer we would all feel. You could walk by people with a friendly smile without wondering if they had a gun to shoot you with.

The editorial states that gun violence in the United States is unacceptable, so if you really are a "good guy" then you don't carry a gun. Using that gun can quickly make you a "bad guy."

Confiscating guns, especially military-type weapons, has to happen because things are getting worse, not better. If we are to conquer this menace we have to take action, not just make another law to be broken.

C.W. Green, Dalton


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