Letter: If voters back Trump, America is in trouble

If voters back Trump, America is in trouble

To the editor:

Donald Trump is not the problem. The people who vote for Donald Trump are the problem.

There have always been a few unqualified oddballs who have run for president. They don't get elected. But, as is the case now, when too many people are easily swayed by their emotions on some hot-button issue, or when they are uninterested in participating in elections, or when they are incapable of making sound, sensible choices, then they vote unwisely or not at all.

This has made it possible for a rabble-rouser like Trump to zoom toward the White House with tough talk, a lack of depth and little or no comprehension of the many complexities involved in matters that presidents must deal with.

Obviously, a democracy can only function well when the majority of its citizens have good judgment, especially when electing their leaders. Developing discerning citizens capable of holding balanced viewpoints that include some depth and foresight is the key to a successful democracy. That poses an enormous and ever-changing challenge, generation after generation.

If all of us do not vote for the most reasonable, the most balanced, the most mature and the wisest candidate that we can find in any election, then we are responsible for the consequences.

If after all the mud and dreck that Trump has arrogantly and flippantly spewed at everyone, the majority of our citizens cannot recognize that this man is unworthy of holding the highest office in the land, then we are headed for disaster, from which it may take decades to recover.

Come November, if you care about America, don't put Trump at the helm. If you care about America, stop him from reaching the White House before it's too late. Once there, he will be a danger to us all.

Carolyn Sharp, Washington


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