Letter: Impressed by Hinds' focus on education

Impressed by Hinds' focus on education

To the editor:

I find Adam Hinds' approach to educational reform enlightening, from his early approach for Pre-K students to his addressing the social and emotional needs of youth. As a School Committee member, I support Adam because of his forward thinking and strong interest in our students' future.

Adam is in tune with the education needs of the districts he is looking to serve. He has many proactive approaches to assist districts as Western Massachusetts faces a declining student population and aging infrastructure. The area needs Chapter 70 formula revisions so the districts receive reimbursements that are equitable and necessary to sustain programs. Regional school transportation formulas need revamping because the districts cannot sustain their costs on 68-70 percent reimbursement at best.

Collaboration will be a tool that educators in Western Massachusetts must look at to become more efficient and sustain services. Workforce programs and funding will be needed to prepare students who are not college bound. Our students today live complicated lives that include peer relationships, social media and pressure to exceed expectations and perform at a high academic level. Partnerships need to be formed and stakeholders need to work together with a leader like Hinds.

The schools cannot do this alone, they need someone who is proactive and believes in our students and providing quality education to our students. Please join me in support of Adam Hinds for state senator.

Regina A. Hill, Adams


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