Letter: Impressed first-hand with Eagleton staff

Impressed first-hand with Eagleton staff

To the editor:

I have personally been in every building at Eagleton School. I have eaten meals made by its staff, which is served to all students and staff. I have met personally with almost every single employee — at least up to very recently. I have handled numerous medical claims for employees who were injured (some severely) due to being physically attacked by residents/students. I have observed some of those extemporaneous attacks on staff, which happen "out of the blue," with absolutely nothing having been said, nor anything physical done to the attackers, prior to them acting out in violent ways.

I have been so impressed with the very apparent attitude on the part of all the staff members that I have observed during my many visits over the past two-plus years. They care and it shows.

After reading the article in Sunday's Eagle (Feb. 7), it is my opinion that there is "an agenda" going on that has been concocted and perpetrated on Eagleton School and the employees who do so well in handling violent outbursts in as calm and professional manner as possible.

Eagleton School deserves to be recognized for doing the very best it can with a very difficult resident population, many of whom are virtually abandoned by their relatives. The love and caring I have observed during my many times interacting with the staff members — all of them — and students is real, and deserves to be recognized for what it really is. Outstanding.

James Balfanz, Stockbridge


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