Letter: Improvements made, coming, at Naumkeag

Improvements made, coming, at Naumkeag

To the editor:

As the general manager for Naumkeag and the Southern Berkshires for the Trustees, I would like to address Mr. French's concerns in his letter to The Eagle of March 22.

Over the past four years, the Trustees have invested over $4 million in restoring the iconic Fletcher Steele-designed gardens at Naumkeag and in the overall care of the property. This work will continue as we complete the restoration of the Chinese Garden and reopen it to the public on May 29 of this year.

The original greenhouses to the property were destroyed by a snowstorm in 1972 and what was left had to be demolished for safety concerns. I am delighted to share that this fall, through donor support, a new greenhouse will be reintroduced to Naumkeag on the original footprint of the former greenhouse site.

With a property of this age and size, there will always be work to do. It is our absolute goal to treat all of our properties with the respect and care that they deserve while we strive for excellence in our stewardship. Over the past several years, we have made incredible strides in getting closer to that goal at Naumkeag. As a state-wide nonprofit with over 114 sites, we have been able to accomplish this through generous donations, incredible volunteers, the educational, daily programming we offer and the generous support of the over 125,000 trustees members across Massachusetts.

I invite everyone in the community to visit Naumkeag and experience the amazing work we have accomplished here together in the Berkshires. Naumkeag will be open weekends starting April 2 and daily beginning May 28. Come for a tour of the house, stroll the famous gardens, attend an event, or visit www.thetrustees.org to see some of the upcoming programs that we offer throughout the year at all of our cherished sites.

Brian Cruey, Stockbridge The writer is general manager for the Southern Berkshire Trustees.


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