Letter: Inhumane policies meet definition of evil

To the editor:

On Feb. 24, The Eagle carried a commentary by Daniel Klein, author of the wonderful book, "Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar." He made a case for seeing Mr. Trump not as suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or something of that nature, but rather seeing him as "evil." I read the article with interest and thought about it a good deal.

On further reflection, I checked with my Webster's New World Dictionary and found "good" described as "beneficial," "healthy," "honorable," "morally sound," "virtuous," and so on. Evil, on the other hand, is defined as: "morally bad or wrong," "wicked," "harmful," "injurious," "anything causing harm, pain, etc."

Mr. Trump is now signing off on legislation that would strip 14 million Americans of health insurance now and 10 million more by the end of a decade. My wife and I have both had to deal with serious illnesses twice in the last 24 years and but for the excellent health care we received locally and the insurance to pay for it, we would no doubt have been dead by now, so we have an extreme appreciation of the value of good health insurance.

Beyond that, we see that millions of our fellow human beings are actually starving to death at this very moment in several African countries, as well as Yemen. To be clear, that is actually starving to death, an occurrence I find unimaginable in spite of being true. At such a time, Mr. Trump plans to cut our contributions to the United Nations by 50 percent. This cut is to an institution whose agencies deal with exactly that kind of problem.

I'll leave it to the reader to decide if our current president is better described as suffering from some variation of psychological illness or as evil. If I understand what my dictionary tells me, the examples cited above are clearly behaviors that are evil in themselves.

Don Lathrop,

Canaan, N.Y.


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