Letter: Institute testing for presidential candidates

Institute testing for presidential hopefuls

To the editor:

In the future, I propose that anyone considering running for president, whether as a major party or third party/independent candidate, be subjected to a required, exhaustive battery of both written and psychological tests prior to their confirmation as bona fide candidates.

Required areas of expertise would include: U.S. and worlhistory, economic and monetary theory, international cyber, security and military policies, knowledge of science, including of climate change and expertise in U.S. and international law. Results of these tests would be made public and no would-be candidate would be approved to run for office by their sponsoring party unless he/she scored at least in the 90th percentile.

Of course, much more could/should be added to the above. Then, limit the election campaign to no longer than six months. Also, totally eliminate the primary system.

Stephen Dankner, Williamstown


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