Letter: Insurers are part of problem


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In reference to Alcide Bullett's letter of May 21 "More harm from closing of NARH," I worked at North Adams Re-
gional Hospital for many years and want to send my condolences to the Bullett family. My mom also worked for NARH for 20 years. She has been retired for close to 30 years and also had the retiree life insurance coverage.

My mom just turned 95. We received a letter in the mail that told us that the life insurance was now gone when NARH closed and gave us information on how to convert it to a private policy. Because of my mom's age I had to call the insurance company to get the conversion information. It would have cost me more than the policy was worth in two years!

I explained to the insurance that if I was taking out a new policy on my mom I could see the very large premium but that this policy had been paid for by the hospital for about 30-40 years. It is certainly too bad that these retirees lost this benefit but I think that the insurance company should also be questioned as to their conversion policies.




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