Letter: Invitation for wind turbine research


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Recent letters to the editor have spoken to what some people feel is an unacceptable noise level experienced by residents living close to wind generators. Many years ago, when a proposal was made to locate the largest array of wind generators in Massachusetts closely behind my home I decided to visit other similar sites to judge for myself what could be expected.

What I found was a noise level that was very much acceptable. And I am pleased to report that now that the wind generators have been operational for quite some time, I find that the occasional gentle whooshing sound that I hear is music to my ears. Music that tells me we are doing something about improving our current situation, not talking about it.

Climate change is real. Some of our Republican leaders, influenced by people with strong corporate interests like the Koch brothers, are trying to convince Americans that responding to climate change will result in a loss of jobs. But by utilizing alternative forms of energy rather than oil, it will mean the Koch brothers and big oil in general will profit less. It will actually mean more jobs for people in the green energy business.

If you believe in the need to try to address the issue of global warming I think you will agree that we all need to give up something. If that means using your automobile less or seeing wind generators along a ridge line, so be it.

So I am extending an invitation to anyone interested in finding out what these wind generators (located in Florida, Ma.) sound like, to visit my home at 248 East Road in Stamford, Vt. You will see some of them from my back yard. Judge for yourself if the sound of them is something that is so intolerable that efforts to develop wind energy should be halted.


Stamford, Vt.


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