Letter: Is our ugly past becoming our future?

Is our ugly past becoming our future?

To the editor:

Just when I thought that our fragile democracy has survived another embarrassment in still being strong, but shaky, despite Trump and Cruz dragging us down with their crude way of debating, I learn of Mississippi's governor signing a bill into law allowing some religious groups and private businesses to deny service to gay couples. (Eagle article, April 6, "Mississippi governor signs law allowing service denial to gays).

Even former justice Scalia would have come down on the right side of "Plessy vs Ferguson" which to our shame, was legal right up to 1954 when Brown vs. The Board of Education recognized the unfairness and the inherent unequal conditions of such a decision.

Or maybe, it's more appropriate to think of Germany in 1938 with the signs in theaters and public parks, "No dogs or Jews allowed" updated to read, "No gays or Mexicans allowed".

Ah, the refreshing stench of the First Amendment.

Hold onto your hats, folks, and fasten your seat belts because we're going back in time which, sadly, just might appear to be part of our future.

Needed (and fast): a ninth appointee to the highest court in our land.

Michael Symons, Otis


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