Letter: Is tax-rate rise sustainable?


To the editor:

To me, a mayor's department heads are synonymous to a cabinet to facilitate a mayor's actions and receive input and ideas from their experience.

Not all will stay, as some for a multitude of reasons, move to other endeavors. Conversely, not all will be wanted. New ideas and concepts will be crucial to fulfill goals. A "wish list" from your team presents valuable concepts. What any leader wants to accomplish is paramount.

Taxes must be level funded. The base grows larger, even with small increases. Quickly, the base amount becomes gigantic without a large increase in high paying jobs. We loose more and more of these.

Dream about all city departments taking about a 5-percent decrease. The aftershock would be felt in Boston and beyond. Face that decrease now because, I think, otherwise one day the tax collection methodology will default.

Keep in mind the word demographics.

Ask yourself, how much your taxes have gone up in the last five years.

Can you sustain that rate?

Ed Stevens, Pittsfield


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