Letter: Islam needs reformation from within


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

On the op-ed page of the June 24 Eagle there is an article by James Carroll of The Boston Globe entitled "The antidote to religious extremism." Mr. Carroll is one of the few journalists brave enough to list the continuing savage killings by extreme Islamists in the name of Allah, and risk being labeled "Islamophobic."

Mr. Carroll may be correct to suggest more religion, not less, may assuage the problem of wanton killing in the name of Allah, as according to Carroll, religion is its own antidote. The religion of Islam is still practiced by extreme believers almost as it was in the days of its Prophet Mohammed. Like Christianity, Islam may benefit by a reformation as was led by Martin Luther centuries ago. The concept of "jihad," holy war against non-Muslims, could be modified. Also the idea that "infidels" (Christians, Jews, etc.) are enemies of Islam could be stricken from the Quran.

A religious reformation of Islam can only be done by Muslims, for and by themselves. The leadership of the vast majority of peace-loving and peace-abiding Muslims could make a reformation to Islam and the Quran that would benefit Muslims and the entire world.




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