Letter: Israel follows Hamas’ cynical script


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Less than one-percent of the thousands of rockets launched by Hamas actually land anywhere that matters. Hamas can’t effectively aim them and just hopes to get lucky, which means killing some Jews. The few rockets that pose a real threat are usually intercepted by Israel’s sophisticated Iron Dome. Nor does Hamas have a conventional military to speak of; they are essentially a gaggle of dangerous angry young men manipulated into hiding behind their own people while trying to kill Jews.

Israel’s robust retaliation hasn’t produced any enduring strategic benefits, and wasn’t expected to. The dumb rockets keep on coming and the tunnels will be restored. Much blood, trouble and expense would have been spared by mostly ignoring Hamas’ provocation, which has been Israel’s preferred policy in recent years. But this time Hamas didn’t want to be ignored, and understands that beyond a certain point Israel will be politically and psychologically compelled to go on the offensive. Ironically, Israel is following a script dictated by Hamas.

Hamas is sacrificing Palestine in order to reinforce its own relevance and survival. A democratic Palestinian state at peace with Israel would be incompatible with everything Hamas stands for, which is why they prefer to stand on their children’s corpses and ruined lives, while not accepting any accountability.

Make no mistake, Hamas wants to dominate, not liberate, the Palestinian people. When the current round of bloodletting finally runs its course, neither Israel nor Hamas will be any weaker, and the Palestinian people’s deliverance will be the same as always: an endless season of misery and neglect.




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