Letter: It's a simple equation; more guns, more violence

It's a simple equation; more guns, more violence

To the editor:

Like many other lucid American citizens, I am disgusted and overwhelmed with grief for the loss of innocent people and for their grieving families.

The NRA with its antiquated, destructive interpretation of the Second Amendment unfortunately has the deep pockets necessary to continue to fuel the insanity that has gripped our country.

It continues to have the audacity to defend an amendment that was constructed over 200 years ago when weapons of destruction were muskets.

Who are we supposed to fear? Anyone who doesn't look like us? Talk like us? Share the same religious beliefs? And how are we expected to defend ourselves? What is next? Homeowners equipping our homes with battering rams, Kevlar helmets and vests, gas masks, tear gas? Sending our children off to school with monogrammed AK-47s with their pudding cups in their Kevlar backpacks?

The NRA and its constituents tell us that guns don't kill people. We must follow their lead and arm ourselves. Can no one see the writing on the wall? More guns, more senseless violence.

Myla Jill Blum, Lenox


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