Letter: Job growth means more than auto parts stores

Job growth means more than auto parts stores

To the editor:

Over the past few years, there have been numerous issues regarding Pittsfield that I would like to address. Many jobs that have been introduced do not require a college degree, and many people cannot find a decent-paying job. Crime rates have gone up significantly, the population has drastically decreased, and this has created a sense of uncertainty and fear.

Prior to GE closing, Pittsfield used to give many citizens more variety in jobs. The main concern that I have in regards to this is that we, as a city, do not put as much attention on this subject as we need.

Some solutions that we can bring to the table include addressing the issue at a citywide scale, consider how we can profit from tearing down abandoned buildings that have not been in use for years, and bring a wider variety of jobs to people who have taken the time and money to have a decent-paying job or a college grad.

The question is why should we have multiple auto parts buildings within 50 meters of each other? Bringing diverse companies offer a wider span of jobs to workers.

Christopher Tetlow, Pittsfield


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