Letter: Job swap needed after charter mess


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I’m writing my first letter to the editor ever, thanks to Paul Pizzuto’s March 14 letter, "Charter dispute a waste of time." I, too, watched this Pittsfield City Council meeting. I’m not sure how much we pay our city solicitor but to have her state that she’s read the new charter 20 times and still doesn’t understand it, makes me think that Councilor Barry Clairmont and her should swap jobs. He seems to understand the charter. Hopefully this administration will not work to marginalize him for not agreeing 100 percent with its agenda.

By the way, I’ve waited for Mayor Bianchi to replace the offer of Mr. Bossidy that was part of the $25 million stadium with some other equal economic engine, seeing how he was so instrumental in chasing him out of town. Still waiting!




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