Letter: Join brother's effort to take back Pittsfield

Join brother's effort to take back Pittsfield

To the editor:

If you follow local politics as I do, you know that my brother, Craig C. Gaetani, is the only individual in this city who speaks for the taxpayer. Whether he is addressing the City Council every other week or writing commentaries in The Eagle and The Gazette or doing radio shows and his own TV show on PCTV, he is consistent with the goal of helping the taxpayers of this city.

If you are an informed resident, you know what my brother did for Pittsfield in the 1980s, when he, Miles Krofta and Lawrence Wang built the city's two drinking water plants, saving the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

I know my brother very well. He is an individual who loves people and is one of the most generous individuals I have ever known. Many people in this city still have their heads above water thanks to my brother. He wants nothing from anyone, other than to ask residents to get involved in city government by reading and listening to everything about Pittsfield's government.

You have heard him mention the Good Old Boy Network-Special Interest Groups (GOBSIGS) many times as the groups that runs this city and have put us in the dire situation we find ourselves in. These GOBSIGS are concerned for themselves and their families and friends and no one else.

Please become educated about city government, watch my brother's TV show weekly and become a member of his non-GOBSIG group which will hopefully number in the thousands before the next election so we can take back our city and return power to where it belongs — the taxpayer.

Gerald Gaetani, Pittsfield


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