Letter: Join effort to increase local food pantry budget

Join effort to increase local food pantry budget

To the editor:

This letter is being written to ask local people to take part in a campaign to increase funding for the Massachusetts Emergency Food Assistance Program (MEFAP). This budget item (DAR 2511-0105) makes food available for our local food pantries to help those in need.

We are asking people to take part in the program on social media (#MEFAP MATTERS) and refer to the item above. Through your efforts, you are able to make the government aware of the need for funding this program so that all Massachusetts residents may have food for their tables provide by local pantries throughout the state and not feel the pangs of hunger.

Our Berkshire legislators have been supportive of this line item in the past and we need to thank them. State Senator Benjamin Downing has been a vocal advocate for helping those in need. His efforts began with a $1 million increase to the original line item last year and we appreciate this. Ben has been a leader for us in so many areas, and as he prepares to leave office at the end of this term we thank him for his advocacy and wish him well in his new undertakings. Thanks, Ben, for this and all you have done to help the Berkshires for the past 10 years.

Please let Ben and our other representatives know how much you appreciate all that they have done for those whose voices are silent. All the best to our state senator, and thank you to the Berkshire coalition of our state Legislature for your support of our local pantries.

James Armstrong, Pittsfield The writer is coordinator of the St. Joseph Food Pantry and writes this letter along with the workers and clients of the food pantry.


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