Letter: Join the effort to stop violence against women

Protest the violence directed at women

To the editor:

Nov. 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and begins the Zonta Club of Berkshire County's 16 Days of Activism, lasting until Dec. 10, Human Rights Day. This is supported by UN-WOMEN and inspires all of us, males and females alike, to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

The UN Secretary General's Campaign to Unite to End Violence against Women invites us to "Orange Your Neighborhood" and organize "Orange Events" to raise awareness about violence against women and discuss solutions that work in our community.

For over 21 years the Zonta Club of Berkshire County has been a part of an international organization advancing the status of women worldwide. During the 16 Days to End Violence against Women, we encourage youth, schools, families and businesses to participate by projecting orange lights, hanging orange flags, tying orange ribbons, organizing orange marches — all to help open a discussion with our youth.

We encourage teachers to challenge through discussion an apparent accepted lack of respect toward females. We encourage families to discuss with their children the need to respect ourselves and each other — both male and female. We encourage everyone to discuss the apparent acceptance of pornography and other acts of violence against females through social media. Berkshire County is too familiar with the ill effects that brings to females, young and old.

We encourage action to make our streets and communities safe to live in, by not tolerating acts of violence and degradation against women and girls. Is your daughter or grandmother able to walk at night on our streets without fear? Ask yourself "What will it take to make that answer YES?"

Speak up and say "no more"! Unite to End Violence against Women through 16 Days of Activism.

Mary Tyer Kelly Millie Blum Mary Tyer Kelly is president and Millie Blum is chair, Advocacy Committee, Zonta Club of Berkshire County.


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