Letter: Joy in education continues at St. Joe

Joy in education continues at St. Joe

To the editor:

"MCAS killing joy in teaching and learning" is the title of an op-ed column by Edward Udel in the May 22 Eagle. This column may apply to public schools but not to St. Joseph High School.

As a private school, it is exempt from MCAS and other "high stakes" testing. This alone would be a good reason for your daughter or son to attend St. Joe.

However, there are many more reasons from professional appearance standards, to a variety of courses such as the world's religions, social justice or the Old and New testaments, or a science course in organic chemistry, not offered in most local high schools. In 2015, a math course was taught in conjunction with BCC and the successful students received actual college credit not an AP promise. However, there are a variety of AP course offerings for those that may be interested.

St. Joe is also approved to accept international students. Your classmates could be from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Austria or Germany, for example.

Finally, my granddaughter, a 2015 graduate, pointed out the outstanding dedication of the teachers and staff. After experiencing a "work to rule" issue in public schools, she really appreciated that her teachers gave the extra effort when she needed it.

These are just some of the reasons that your school choice should be St. Joseph High School.

David Hathaway, Pittsfield


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