Letter: Judge pipeline stands by motivating factors

Judge pipeline stands by motivating factors

To the editor:

We are responding to Clarence Fanto's Nov. 22 column "The bottom line: Pipeline proposal a tangled web of competing interests."

There is a lot of useful information in this column. Yes, there are competing interests. However, the web isn't very tangled if one considers the motivation of the various groups.

It is very clear that the Kinder-Morgan corporation is motivated by greed regardless of the consequences to the citizens of Massachusetts and the environment.

The motive of those in opposition, is concern for people's health and the environment. Those included in opposition to the pipeline are dozens of medical doctors in the Berkshires motivated to protect the health of the community they serve. These doctors are not motivated by financial gain.

Kinder-Morgan will actually own the pipeline and it has the nerve to want the citizens of Massachusetts to pay for the construction. We the people of Massachusetts are taking all the risks and Kinder-Morgan reaps all the profit. There is nothing tangled about this.

Margaret Cahill, Edward Holub, Dalton


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