Letter: Keep our roads free of road kill


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Today (June 4) I ran past another dead body. It was the dead body of an animal, a deer, and as I continued running past her on Pecks Road, I realized, thankfully, that I haven't become desensitized to the suffering and mortality of others. I've run past her twice now.

The first day I ran past her she was closer to the sidewalk, her nose practically touching the sidewalk, inches from my feet. I ran over to the man at the mill to tell him and he just shrugged his shoulders. Today, two days later, she had been moved, dragged back a couple of feet, apparently so the property owner could mow the lawn.

I am disturbed that my community members don't seem to care to take the time, if not to give road kill a real burial, at least to keep our streets clean and clear of the decaying flesh of any species.

Are those charged with the task of keeping our roads clean and clear only concerned with the downtown area? It seems like the mindset here in Pittsfield may be: "Tourists don't walk around up there and we don't care what the locals have to deal with." I am surprised I was the first and only person to make the call to have something done about a deer on the grass near the sidewalk when I live 1 1/2 miles away from the site and there are homes and businesses right near there.

Please, let's work together to keep our streets clean of road kill! Call your ward councilor and the animal control officer as soon as you see a dead animal near your roads and homes! If the animal is small enough, take a shovel and dispose of it yourself. I've done this quite a few times to keep my favorite walking and running path looking and smelling neat and clean for myself and my child and to provide an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all living beings.





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