Letter: Keep perspective on world's changes

Keep perspective on world's changes

To the editor:

Tom Friedman's recent column entitled "Young are changing Saudi Arabia" really caught my attention. He reported that 70 percent of Saudis are younger than 30. When a country like Saudi Arabia that is so resistant to change is actually paying for thousands of its young people to be educated here — something big is happening.

Saudi Arabia spawned Osama bin Laden, but his prosperous Saudi family virtually kicked him out because of his zealous attitudes. He created Al-Qaida and trained soldiers in violent jihad because he thought the west was contaminating his birthplace with western ways and vowed that Al-Qaida, and not America, would one day prove to be master of the world.

I hope we don't have anyone running for president that might like to play that child's game "King of the Hill" or master of the world on a worldwide basis, but sometimes I think there might be a few.

Am I the only one who thinks we shouldn't interfere so much in Middle Eastern European or Asian matters unless asked? Obama's collaborative efforts should be highly respected because we have gotten to the point where intelligent restraint has become a dirty word.

Many of the world's nations have been through hells of war we cannot even imagine. Paris and Russia are now uniting against ISIS. If we, too, became threatened, we can hunt down ISIS members as we did bin Laden no matter how long it takes. But bombs, drones and boots on the ground seem to kill most anyone except ISIS.

When Syrian refugees are fleeing despicable acts of terror by their leaders, many American are willing to help. But it was reported it will take about two years for the US to screen refugees to come here and it would cost an accepting family close to $20,000 to do it.

My biggest concern is that 85 percent of Syrians speak only Arabic and 15 percent can speak English. This could be a nightmare unless we have plenty of people in the US who speak Arabic who want to help and if they do, God bless them.

Elna Nugent, Lenox


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