Letter: Keep resources local in Peru


Now that the developer Lightship Energy LLC has withdrawn its application from the town of Peru, it is time for residents to come together and put all this behind us. A rift has torn through this small town and pitted people against each other for too long. We are a small town that needs to come together and start taking care of each other and our town.

We need to vote "yes" on the small wind energy bylaw being presented at the annual town meeting. A yes vote means keeping renewable energy local, not selling it off to another state or country where only the developer would reap the monetary benefits. We need to work together as a community and harness our local resources on a local level.

A "yes" vote shows you are willing to protect Peru and your neighbors from being swindled by companies who get to pocket our tax dollars and get paid by subsidies from our electric companies and government. This is called corporate welfare. Too much of our country is owned and operated by big corporations where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Do not let Peru "help'' these types of companies. We should help each other, the people who need it.

By keeping our resources local we also keep our business local. I have only hired people and contractors who live in Peru or Hinsdale since I moved here four years ago. I vowed I would always keep my money local for anything I possibly could. A "yes" vote on the proposed bylaw at the annual town meeting shows that we as a community want to keep our business local! This is what the town needs: local energy for the local people.

A two-thirds vote is needed to pass. Everyone in the town should vote "yes" to unite this community, so we can stand together once again and let the wind controversies die down once and for all.

Attend the annual town meeting at 7 p.m. June 7 and vote "yes" to local renewable energies.




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