Letter: Keeping young people key to Berkshire future

Keeping young people key to Berkshire future

To the editor:

As a second-home owner (soon to be a more permanent resident), the recent articles about demographics in the Berkshires greatly concern me. And then I go and take a spin class at Lenox Fit, a great gym, with an instructor and Berkshire native named Laura Collins. I was in a grumpy mood, but with Laura's "Berkshire athleticism" and comedic charm, I was quickly swept into a great workout.

What's my point? I'm finding out that there is a strong current of young, passionate people who love their jobs and want to stay here. We, as a community, need to build on that.

I don't think the outside world realizes what a simply amazing place this is. We need more young people. People who work hard, who care, and want to make the Berkshires a better place. Without them, we will wither away. Oh, and we need them now. not 10 years from now.

Anyway, thank you Laura! I would take your class anytime!

Jon Budish, Stockbridge


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