Letter: Kickwheel's 'Passage' is captivating theater

Kickwheel's 'Passage' was captivating theater

To the editor:

On July 30 I went to Kickwheel Ensemble's production of "Passage" at the Shire City Sanctuary on Melville Street in Pittsfield. It was a night of surprises.

I didn't realize the production was in an old church. The space is beautiful. The high ceilings, stained glass windows, and arches elevated my being, and that literally set the stage for what was to come.

Kickwheel's production of "Passage" was the most captivating theater I have ever seen in 25-plus years of going to see theater. It was unpredictable, interesting, and held my interest consistently. Every moment was something new I'd never seen or heard before.

I was surprised to find out that the play is totally original and the product of Kickwheel's own imagination. No famous writers here, just many talented, bright, individuals, collaborating to create something one mind could not create. And the acting was superb, energetic, and liberating to watch.

As I looked around the room, people were smiling constantly throughout the production and laughing out loud. Anything that can make people smile for a couple hours is worth seeing.

I thank them for bringing fresh, new theater to Pittsfield, and I wish them much success going forward, and hope others get a chance to enjoy it in the future.

Aaron Sugarman, Jacksonville, Fl. Pittsfield


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