Letter: Kinder-Morgan pushing a dying energy source

Kind.-Morgan pushing a dying energy source

To the editor:

The pictures in a recent Berkshire Eagle article displayed a stark reality: Kinder-Morgan hired a "security" force to protect themselves from an informed public, not to protect the public. Indeed, if they were building a solar panel production site, there would be no need for a security force at all. Unfortunately, Kinder-Morgan is greedily prolonging the life of a dinosaur paradigm: extraction of energy from fossil fuels.

In Western Mass., we must fight against another terrible aspect of the accelerating fossil fuel colonization of America — the potential building of a fracked gas pipeline and a poisonous compressor station in Windsor. If one thinks about it, Kinder-Morgan's "Northeast Energy Direct" pipeline proposal (and many others) enables and exacerbates the fracking of gas and oil in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, California etc. The citizens in fracked sites are suffering from this pillaging and are fighting fossil fuel companies for their health, safety, environment and property.

The rest of the world is racing ahead of America by ending its reliance on fossil fuels and is in a rapid transition to renewable energies, energy conservation and efficiency. We don't need this fracked gas and we don't want it in Windsor or anywhere else.

Get on the right side of history and tell your elected officials to oppose the "Northeast Energy Direct" pipeline proposal before it's too late.

Robert Connors Canaan, N.Y. The writer is co-founder, Stop N.Y. Fracked Gas Pipeline.


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