Letter: Kindness and care from CNAs


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was inspired to write by a letter from Diane I. Weinstein, executive director at EPOCH Assisted Living at Melbourne ("CNAs are pillars of health care," June 9.) She mirrored my sentiments exactly.

My husband has been at Hillcrest Commons for almost two years. He suffers from dementia and the excellent care by the unit director, nurses and nursing assistants helps me to sleep better at night. I think the hardest thing for me to ever have done was bring him to a facility when I knew he'd rather be at home, as most of us would.

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but as many would attest, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to attain a happy outcome. Like many couples, it took us a while to find the winning combination to achieve success but, to this day, my husband is my best buddy and we've had many happy times together. We are fortunate in that way so it was even more hurtful to see those happy times end and have to bring him somewhere where I knew he would be safe and get the kind of care I couldn't give at home.

The nurses and CNAs have been loving and understanding with me as well as with my husband. They tell me they love him and his smile, especially when he sees me coming to visit him. Some days they are just funny and we all enjoy a few good laughs. I like that because other residents are enjoying the humor as well.

I must also mention the ladies that work at the reception desk. They are always welcoming and good-natured. My buddies at Hillcrest Commons are like an extended family and I thank them for their hard work and kindness.





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