Letter: Kindness makes city a better place to live

Kindness makes city a better place to live

To the editor:

I'm writing about something that made me feel good about my local community.

When I got back from a 3,400-mile road trip south a week ago, I was minus my Toyota emblem from the front of my car, maybe because I had an unavoidable collision with a beautiful red-tailed hawk rising up from the verge of the Jersey Turnpike on the last lap of my journey.

I ordered a replacement from K-M Motors in North Adams and Bob in the body shop there said he'd be happy to put it on for me. When I got there, he was about to eat his lunch and I noticed it was in one of those plastic bags with paw prints on it that I get too when I buy my dog's food from the wonderful Bark n' Cat on Holden Street in North Adams. We talked about our dogs, his Boomer and my Ofie, and he put his lunch back in the bag and said "Let me put that on for you. It'll just take a minute."

Well, it took much longer than a minute. He went back to the shop a few times for different tools, took things apart and put them back together and delayed his lunch by quite a long time, all with humor and grace as we continued talking about our dogs.

Thank you, Bob. You make me feel good that I live in a place like this.

Bette Craig Portz, Williamstown


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