Letter: Kindness of strangers speaks well of Great Barrington

Kindness of strangers speaks well of Gr. Barr.

To the editor:

I wanted to write to say how wonderful the Great Barrington community is, as what could have been a disastrous day for me turned into an absolute pleasure.

Last week, on the way to visit my grandchildren, I stopped to pick up bagels at the Great Barrington Bagel Company. In a rush I idiotically locked my keys (and cellphone) in the car. I explained my predicament to an employee who graciously, with no questions asked, lent me the store phone. I squared everything away, bought some bagels and waited for my son to pick me up.

In the meantime the owner, Bob Climo, not only made sure I received an incoming call but suggested I contact the Great Barrington police as they are terrific helping out in these situations. Stopping in the police station I was told that an officer would try to help out. We headed back to my car and waited less than five minutes. A young officer showed up and cheerfully unlocked my car.

It means so much these days to be helped and helped so graciously by the kindness of strangers. Great Barrington residents should be proud of their generous spirit and grateful for such an accommodating and friendly police department. I can't thank them enough!

Lynne Eckardt, Brewster, N.Y.


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