Letter: Kindness, skills of 'those people' shown at BMC

Talents, kindness of our immigrant neighbors

To the editor:

A recent and quite involuntary stay at Berkshire Medical Center thankfully opened by eyes to a reality that usually enters our consciousness but fleetingly — that we are all dependent upon on each other. Even our immigrant neighbors.

I could find no evidence of the murderers and rapists some of our politicians have mentioned and warned us against. In fact, the men and women I saw (and who saw quite a bit of me) seemed to have talents, skills and knowledge far beyond anything you and I might even wish to have.

Not one of them appeared to have any nefarious intent. But then again, as we have been told, "these people" are all to clever at hiding their motivations. Instead, they carried and toted and turned us, wiped our brow, cleaned up after us, heard our laments and gave us words of encouragement.

I suspect some of "these people" were Muslim. Or were they Buddhist? It's very hard to tell sometimes.

And I don't know why I somehow neglected to check their religious inclinations. They always seemed to be awfully busy and would have had little time, I guess, for an interview on matters religious.

As for some of the jobs "these people" were doing, I'm pretty sure there are but few of "us" who would line up and defend them as part of our inherent right to have.

The "murderers and rapists" who seem to romp so rampantly through the imaginations of some of our politicians are only there in the delusions of those who would find them everywhere. So far, in spite of some fairly close-up views on my part — much too close for someone not used to visitations in the middle of the night or by what might be deemed a crowd — I did not find a shadow of malice, deception, even intent, fanaticism or crime. As for appearance, which must be part of the equation along the line, I looked in the mirror and I know I scared them (and me) more than "they" can ever hope to do.

I haven't seen what some of our politicians claim to see, but maybe we don't travel in the same realm. Perhaps it was all delusion on my part to believe that men and women from China, India, Ukraine, Haiti, Ghana, Pakistan, the countries of Central America, and other places came together here in Pittsfield. Here in America. But I'm glad they did.

Bob Hall, Pittsfield


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