Letter: Kripalu's actions puzzling


To the editor:

My husband and I have been Berkshire Kripalu Community (BKC) members for over a decade. Like many other members, we did no volunteer work, simply paid our annual fee and adhered to the rules Kripalu established. We participated in noon dance class on the schedule Kripalu allowed and sometimes enjoyed discounts on Wednesday meals or gift shop purchases.

I never knew or heard of any volunteers who abused privileges but if, in fact, they did, why not discipline those individuals without destroying an organization that began in 1992? We believe there is an unrevealed core problem which may come to light at the meeting on July 23.

What does Kripalu gain disbanding BKC? Registrants at Kripalu workshops come and go, but BKC members are local, loyal supporters. Kripalu's handling of this situation belies its yogic principles. This seems like a punitive move and very bad PR right before a new CEO takes over. Wouldn't this be a time to strengthen community relations?

Our dance classes there, now denied, were key to our health and wellness. I used to love the healthy meals, but now the taste in my mouth is bitter.

Namaste indeed.

Jerri Chaplin



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