Letter: Krol is tireless advocate for ward, city


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am writing to express support for John Krol as the incumbent who is once again campaigning for re-election as city councilor for Ward 6 in the city of Pittsfield.

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing John both professionally and personally over the past seven years. I, as a former city employee who worked with John as a councilor, found that he was always professional, attentive, respectful and a tireless advocate for his ward and the entire city. Four years later, he is still going strong and is very consistent in his passion for the city.

John is a dedicated husband, father, professional, and ward councilor and works above and beyond to ensure that he meets the needs of his ward constituents, and the entire city and county. He plays an active role on many committees and spends a lot of effort improving the quality of life for Pittsfield residents.

As a city taxpayer and active voter, what I really appreciate about John is his consistency and longevity. His website is active all year long and he engages citizens even in non-voting years. He is not a councilor who only comes active during an election season and if you are looking for someone who is confident, consistent, and will be an advocate for the city of Pittsfield in an effort to move forward, I ask that you vote for John Krol in the upcoming election. JAMES J. WILUSZ



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