Letter: Krol takes a constructive approach


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Ward 6 Pittsfield city council debate moderated by Dan Valenti was very effective in revealing fundamental differences between the two candidates.

John Krol and Joe Nichols seemed to pick up where they left off two years ago, with stark differences in their views on the role of government in our lives. This is the kind of conversation more likely to happen on the national stage so it was interesting to watch it play out in a ward race.

The candidates strongly disagreed on the need for better code enforcement to address blighted properties and neglected apartment buildings. Krol supports the enforcement, saying it protects property values in affected neighborhoods and ensures safe apartments for renters. Nichols considers it over-regulation and believes that landlords don’t need their feet held to the fire to maintain their properties.

Krol touted the proposed Westside Riverway project -- a planned greenway along the West Branch of the Housatonic that would include trails, pedestrian bridges, and canoe launches -- as an enhancement to the Westside neighborhood. Nichols opposes the project, calling it a place that would attract drug dealing.

These two examples from the debate illustrate the difference in worldview between the candidates, and they certainly reminded me why I found myself voting with Krol more often than with Nichols. If I was a resident of Ward 6 I would be voting to re-elect John Krol on Nov. 5.



The writer is a former ward councilor.


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