Letter: Kudos to Stearns students for environmental sensitivity

Kudos to Stearns students for environmental concern

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to a letter written March 12 by a second-grader at Stearns Elementary School in regards to saving the polar bears.

I commend these children for becoming environmental sensitive. This writer feels we need to use curly light bulbs, opening a window instead of running the A/C. I have not replaced all my bulbs yet and do like fresh air so I only use my A/C when it is really hot and steamy.

Another thing to think about is why no one ever speaks about all the planes dumping pollution into the atmosphere. I did a Google search and found that there are 6,000 planes around the world in the air at the same time daily, mostly of which are in the US. The engines on these planes are enormous and burn aviation fuel at a fast rate. Is it politically incorrect to speak about this? Something to think about!

William Hunt, Pittsfield


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