Letter: Labels aside, Sanders speaks for all of us

Labels aside, Sanders speaks for all of us

To the editor:

I have all too often been taken to task by friends and family alike for my constant support of Bernie Sanders in his quest to win the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.

I'm told to be realistic, that he can't win, and worse, a vote for Bernie might be a vote for The Donald.

I'm unapologetically proud to call myself a socialist and a supporter of the United States senator from Vermont.

Aside from concerns for world peace, I see everything else in this world (and maybe even that) in terms of "unequal distribution of wealth," and that includes unequal distribution of food and job opportunities, unequal access to health care, college admissions and clean water to drink, and even an opportunity to live longer and happier in a cleaner, saner, healthier world.

Whether you call him a social Democrat or a democratic Socialist, his ideas are germinated in the soil of Eugene Victor Debs and Norman Thomas as well as those passed down in FDR's New Deal, all 100 percent Americans.

Leveling the playing field will make for a better world and a healthier planet. Bernie talks to all of those things if you'll just listen.

Michael Symons, Otis


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