Letter: Laurel Lake group needs more support

Laurel Lake group needs more support

To the editor:

The Laurel Lake Preservation Association appreciated the April 18 article by Dick Lindsay regarding our effort to manage the Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels in Laurel Lake. It has been difficult for our organization to amass the funds needed to meet the study and testing requirements of the Lenox and Lee Conservation Commissions.

To set the record straight, since a 2002 feasibility study performed with assistance of a state grant, our efforts have been supported only by a community of concerned individuals and businesses along with additional support from each town. We will continue, to the best of our abilities, to raise funds to support our efforts to save Laurel Lake for the benefit of all. We can be reached at LaurelLakeAssociation@aol.com

Mark Alimansky, Lexington, Ma. The writer is president of the Laurel Lake Preservation Association.


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