Letter: Lee must crack down on those who litter

Lee must crack down on those who litter

To the editor:

Some people say that I am obsessed with litter. Everyone should be, since it is something that can be stopped.

The streets are so littered, it is sickening. I try to understand what goes through a person's mind when they throw their garbage out the window. I've come to three conclusions: ignorance, disrespect or laziness.

Maybe some people are ignorant to the fact that littering is illegal. Maybe some just don't care about our Earth. Others may think it is just too much work to use a waste receptacle. If you're in a vehicle, you may have to get fuel, go to the store or go to the bathroom. There are wastebaskets in all three places for you to use.

I have a vested interest in Forrest Street in Lee. It's a beautiful, nature-filled side street leading to Goose Pond. It took a lot of time and effort, but it's relatively clean of trash. I'd like to draw attention to whomever threw a two-liter wine bottle on the road to smash into a million pieces. Who would do that? Someone who fits into all three categories: ignorant, disrespectful and lazy.

The town of Lee needs money. Why not fine these people who choose to dump their trash on the road side? People, please stop trashing our streets. It's easy to not litter.

K. Withers, Lee


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