Letter: Legislature once again caves in to utilities

Legislature yet again does utilities' bidding

To the editor:

The Massachusetts Legislature has once again sold out on renewable energy and cashed in to the tune of utility company profits. The Legislature failed to lift caps on solar net metering during its final session of the year.

A federal solar incentive expires at the end of 2016, and net metering caps have already been hit in National Grid territory and are close to being hit in other utility territories such as Eversource's, stalling solar projects that will create new jobs and clean energy.

In Massachusetts, developing technology and improving efficiency are driving costs down; utility-scale contracts are at less than $0.05/kwhour (seia.org). According to a story published by Eyewitness News on March 6, Eversource CEO Tom May received a $1.3 million pay raise from 2014, to a total of $9 million. Yet when asked why it was raising rates, Eversource claimed that it had nothing to do with May's raise.

Eversource and National Grid have no trouble lying to consumers about raising their rates to subsidize CEO pay increases, but when it comes to developing renewable energy sources that cost less than 5 cents a kilowatt hour, they're all of a sudden concerned for their ratepayers? If you buy that line, then quick, grab your wallet. I've got something I would like to sell to you.

The lobbying efforts of utility companies such as Eversource and National Grid seem to have succeeded again, for now. Climate scientists agree; the time to act is NOW; we shouldn't limit clean energy, but move forward to 100 percent renewable energy. The inability of our legislators to act shows the depth of corruption in our political system.

They claim that they're concerned for the rates of electric customers, but just remember, our legislators are not doing it because it will save you money. They're doing it to save guys like Tom May and companies like National Grid and Eversource a pretty penny.

Christian Kennedy Pittsfield


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